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We never stop developing new and practical tracking solutions! With real-world families and caregivers in mind, we strive to engineer solutions to everyday challenges, that are as non-invasive to the carrier as possible. All of our trackers report to the GTX Monitoring Portal which is accessible online via web login or the free Smart Locator App for your smartphone.

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Wearable/Attachable- Take-Along Tracker

The Take-Along Suite now offers 3 powerful devices with various features for your needs. The WORLD model functions around the globe. The VOICE model enables SOS calling and listen in calling and works in the USA. And the 4G unit is our most affordable option with up to a 2 week battery life! They are under 3 oz, able to be worn on a lanyard or keychain and have waterproof cases. Product Page

Wearable - GPS SmartSole

Our flagship product, the patented GPS SmartSole®, are tracking insoles that empower caregivers to keep loved ones safe and secure with wearable, but hidden, wandering assistive technology. Child and Adult sizes available now. Click the SmartSole banner image for full details and visit our product website at

Wearable- GPS Invisabelt

Our smallest GPS tracker, in a smooth, flexible case. GPS is tucked snuggly into a secret pocket inside a sporty waistband. Designed for wandering protection for young children, kids with autism, and for security while traveling. Visit to learn more.

Mobile App - Track My Workforce

Track My Workforce allows employers to easily track and monitor their mobile workforce including employees, drivers, and sales reps by having them download a simple Android or Apple app on their smartphones or tablets. Great for families too! Click the TMWF banner to visit the system website and sign up for a FREE trial.

Medical Record ID - Code Amber Alertag

Code Amber Alertag is a discrete ID tag that fits on your keychain and provides access to vital, life-saving medical information in case of emergency. Emergency personnel are trained to look for Emergency Medical Information when they arrive on the scene.

Wholesale Ordering & Samples

Is your business interested in ordering 5 or more of our devices? Contact us about Evaluation Kits and wholesale pricing.
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