GTX SmartSole Shown at Glenner Alzheimer’s Family Center Town Square

GTX’s SmartSole were proudly displayed this past Saturday at the Glenner Alzheimer’s Family Center Town Square®, the nation’s first immersive reminiscence therapy day center for people with dementia. The event gathered an array of San Diego innovators in the dementia care space and was open to both industry professionals and family caregivers. This was the... Read More

GTX Signs Collaboration Agreement with Flint Rehab

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – February 6, 2019 – GTX Corp (OTCQB: GTXO) (“GTX” or the “Company”), a pioneer in the field of wearable GPS, human and asset tracking systems and wandering assistive technology, today announced that it has signed a collaboration agreement (the “Agreement”) with Flint Rehab, LLC, a leading neuro-rehabilitation device company that specializes... Read More

Location Prediction Using GPS Trackers: Can Machine Learning Help Locate Missing People with Dementia?

Jan 22 2019   JanuszWojtusiak ReyhanehMogharabnia IoT Journal has just published Associate Professor and Director of Health Informatics at Mason’s College of Health and Human Services Janusz Wojtusiak, PhD, initial findings from his research which studied the possibility of using machine learning methods applied to data from GPS trackers to create individualized models that describe patterns of movement. These patterns... Read More

GTX Advisor Kathleen Kiernan Featured in American Security Today Awards

We are proud to see GTX Corp Advisor, Kathleen Kiernan, of Kiernan Group Holdings, featured in the 2018 American Security Today publication, Champion’s Edition. They received two awards for their work in producing homeland security educational resources and curriculum.  For the office environment they offer active threat readiness Preparedness without Paranioa, and for students, Lucky the Preparedness Dog educates... Read More

GTX Corp Third Quarter 2018 Summary

Revenue increased 12%, Product Sales increased 43%, Subscribers increased 62% LOS ANGELES CALIFORNIA, November 27, 2018 GTX Corp (OTCQB: GTXO) (“the Company”), an Internet of Things (IoT) solutions provider in the GPS wearable location and wandering assistive technology business announced today a summary for the third quarter ended September 30, 2018. Third Quarter Financial Highlights... Read More

GTX Corp Approved for Listing on the OTCQB Venture And will be Presenting at the SoCalBio Smart Wearable 2nd Annual Digital Health Conference

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – October 31, 2018 – GTX Corp (OTCQB: GTXO), an Internet of Things (IoT) solutions provider in the wearable GPS location and wandering assistive technology business, announced today it has received approval to be upgraded to the OTCQB Market. Beginning today GTX Corp shares will trade on the OTCQB Venture Market. To... Read More