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Engage, Influence and Convert with NFC

The “smart” way to bridge the physical and digital worlds

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a short-range wireless technology that triggers data exchange in NFC enabled devices. This could mean initiating an action, such as sending information from a cellphone to a POS terminal, or connecting to a URL from a name tag or business card. NFC tags can be attached, embedded, sewn, glued, embroidered and even ironed on or otherwise affixed to just about any product, including print materials, packaging and even wearable’s, to extend messaging and communication.

NFC is a subcategory of radio-frequency identification technology (known as RFID) designed with a shorter communication range, which provides a more secure one-to-one data exchange based on a global, uniform standard. This technology can be used for product identification and authentication, consumer engagement and chain of custody tracking. Think of NFC as RFID version 2.0 because it does not need any equipment or installation, it is a simple and effective way to make items smart and connectable. It’s simple, mobile, flexible, versatile, durable, economical, hide-able and best of all… universal. NFC technology is powerful because it’s compatible with just about every smartphone or tablet and is currently used by hundreds of companies and industries around the globe.

Small & Large Size NFC Tags

NFC chips

Endless possibilities! Here are some use case ideas for NFC:

Track and Trace Products & Services

Shipping slip NFC

Enterprise Inventory and Asset Management

Tags or chips are applied per item, directly on containers and packaging so that handlers can “tap” to log data:

  • Rapidly collect inventory data with greater speed and accuracy than a manual count
  • Align with CRM to maintain real time inventory accounts o Ability to Redirect Data in Real Time
  • Receive product related Instructions or Video tutorials

Chain of Custody / Shipment Management

NFC tags or chips are applied per item, or per case so that the receiver can “tap” and receive data:

  • Chain of Custody – track NFC check-ins as shipment progresses
  • Counterfeit Protection – Industry analysts estimate that 30% of sunglasses, 20% of sportswear and luxury fragrances, and 10% of luxury apparel and leather goods are fake. A leading authority on counterfeit wines, estimates that 20% of all fine wine traded is counterfeit. The damage to brands and retailers – to revenue, reputation, and consumer confidence is incalculable. For premium goods and collectibles, authoritative proof of a product’s authenticity and provenance can give consumers the added assurance they need to make a purchase. Brands can use advanced NFC tags to add an additional layer of identification, such as digital signatures or even encryption, for higher-value goods.

NFC wine demo 2

Temperature Sensing

  • NFC integrated sensor tags can provide real-time temperature sensing and data logging across the supply chain necessary with transportation of perishables; food, drinks, pharmaceuticals and other temperature sensitive products that can be negatively affected by conditions in transit. These built-in security measures can prevent distribution of tainted supplies in the marketplace and unauthorized modification of data logs, allowing brands, retailers, distributors and freight forwarders to verify shipment quality by confirming that temperature-sensitive products were shipped properly.

fish temp nfc                                         Temp NFC

Tapabout: Promotional and Profile Products & Services

Digital Identification & Social Responsibility

Place an NFC tag, patch or sticker on wearables for digital identification. Application ideas include:

  • Communication assist for those who are non-verbal or hearing impaired.
  • Identify and bring back to safety a lost autistic child, senior with dementia or family pet.
  • Keyless entry for authorized personnel into building, rooms, storage bins, etc.

Wearable NFC

PR Rover

Consumer and Brand Engagement / Communication

NFC tags can be placed on store shelves or hangtags as a virtual salesperson. With a single tap find other sizes & colors in stock and get additional information in support of purchase decisions.

  • NFC provides unattended, 24/7 engagement! You can place a tag (even inside magnets on window decals) on your store front, door, or point of sale counter top display, allowing for a virtual attendant. Anyone with a phone taps the tag to get instructions, registration information and updates until an employee is available. Displays become more dynamic and interactive! Let them know when a back-ordered product is in stock, get a coupon, opt-in to social media to read reviews, or even download a demonstration video. You can use it to design and implement mobile campaigns and track their performance via analytics. NFC tags are also available with advanced features such as counters that support compelling promotions, such as “10% off for every 10th customer who taps the tag.” Consumer engagement is live & actionable.

NFC Counter

NFC Hangtag

  • NFC tags can help customers with registering, installing or using a product by providing a unique ID attached to your product or its packaging, you can let customers easily complete warranty registration without having to manually enter a product serial number or access to that specific item’s history to better troubleshoot any issues. Trigger video instructions on how to care for the product, give a promo code for discounts on future purchases, or request a charitable contribution for your cause. NFC tags embedded in product packaging or hangtags allow consumers to interact with products in real time.
  • For consumers who have already purchased, those same tags can create opportunities for up-sale, cross-sale, and reorders. NFC can initiate automated or subscription purchases and reorders. If you’re selling a product that needs to be replaced, or requires refills, you want your customer to reorder with minimal effort. NFC can jump-start that process with a tap- your customer can go straight to order check out! NFC is also a great channel for further product recommendations and may suggest other products to customers based on past purchases. This system is more valuable than Amazon Dash buttons, for example, as the NFC tag lives on the product itself, a great reminder to reorder, and easy to find and interact with.
  • NFC also provides valuable educational content. Many products require skill and instructions to use- from complex camera tutorials to showcase capability, or cosmetics guides that can provide helpful tips on how best apply by skin type, and for food items, just imagine the coordinated recipe suggestions! Through educational articles, images, and videos, brands can provide content that benefits the user. It also increases customer satisfaction as it shows brand concern for the customer’s experience with the product. Content marketing is growing as a successful tactic to reach and bond with the customer. Spreading digital content maintains a symbiotic relationship between brand and customer without the interference of third-party channels.

TUtorial NFC

Real Estate Products & Services

Real Time Realtor

IMAGINE: No more lost buyers, flyers or sales. As a Real Time Realtor you are only a tap away, all day, every day, from closing the sale.

Our NFC enabled  digital offerings keep Realtors and homebuyers connected, 24-7. We are with you when you can’t be there to deliver your listing information and collect a buyers contact information. Through NFC enabled signage, decals and other promotional products, we provide home buyers immediate access to your listing information and to you!

No more printing flyers or running out of them, no more missing a buyer, all of your listings can be NFC enabled with powerful visual and audio information for a lot less than what you spend monthly just on printing flyers, not to mention driving around replenishing them. And best of all you are empowering your buyer with a whole lot more information right on their phone!

Realestate mousepad

A prospective buyer, any time of day of or night, can tap your sign with their phone and get a virtual tour of the property, important information about the community, listing of schools, shops, restaurants and comps. Best of all- send you an email or call you to make an appointment, because they are now a well-informed buyer.

  • This is the most cost effective way to connect the physical and digital worlds, making information readily available and accessible via any smartphone.
  • This technology is easy to use, universal, affordable and with quantifiable results!
  • We create the total solution for you, we make the NFC enabled signs and other promotional products so all you have to do is close the deal.
  • Brokers… want to help your agents close more? Let us get your team connected and become Real Time Realtors.

Contact us today to see how our “Real-Time Realtor” approach to real estate can help you – Tap Into Your Future!


How can my company benefit by using this technology and how do I get started?

For organizations just starting out with NFC, the first step is to review your business objectives and determine what initiatives can be best be enhanced and streamlined by implementing NFC and GPS technology. Please contact us to schedule a call to evaluate if NFC is the right technology to streamline and promote your business. GTX Corp has over 15 years experienced in developing and executing GPS and NFC enabled solutions that can support your needs. We can work with you and your team to develop a limited-area pilot project as well as campaigns which will enable you to see for yourself the art of the possible, measure results and ROI.
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