Stay Connected At The Touch Of A Button!

In addition to the automatic GPS location updates that occur every 6 minutes when your Take-Along Tracker is powered on, the SOS Button on Take-Along Tracker can be pressed to trigger additional location updates and contact you. The SOS button can be configured in several ways to best keep you in touch with your loved ones and valuables.

Which SOS Button Configuration is Right For Me?

The SOS Button Should Call Me In An Emergency:

The SOS Button Should Not Call Out, But I Want To Call &/Or Listen In To the Device

The SOS Button Should Text Me The Location, Time & Date.

The SOS Button Should Not Do Anything.

This situation is typical for seniors who may become disoriented, sightseers/daytrippers who may become separated from a group, or older children who may find themselves alone. Tell these device carriers about the Take-Along VOICE and inform them that in an emergency situation, the SOS button will call you, to ask for help or direction. With this call you will see their address and can verbally instruct them where to go or wait for you. Get 20 minutes of Emergency SOS calling, by selecting a Voice Calling Monitoring Service Plan.


Call Take-Along VOICE, which will automatically and silently answer your call. Speak to your carrier, or just quietly listen in. This feature works well to reassure seniors or children who have wandered and become lost. To enable this ability, order Take-Along VOICE and simply enter all “000”s in the SOS phone number field during check out.


This option is great for employees, family or team member check ins- the Take-Along WORLD SOS button will send you a text with it’s current location – an easy way to stay connected! Inform your team or family member that you want check-ins at significant points and get the GPS location sent to you by text in real-time. Comes standard with Take-Along WORLD.

As is the case with young children, or those with a cognitive brain disorder, Alzheimer’s or dementia, they might not be able to remember or take advantage of the SOS button. Perhaps you are tracking cargo or a vehicle and do not need a manually triggered update. When purchasing, simply enter all “000”s in the SOS phone number field during check out.


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