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Looking To Order Wholesale for Business Application or Resale?

Start here with our Business Partner / Reseller Starter Pack! 

  •  3 Rover Tracker GPS devices with NFC label at our enterprise rate. 
  • One arrives activated with a service plan selection. Its tracking live so you can demonstrate it to your clients!
  • The other two devices are inactive for display and sales. Account set up instructions for your customers will be included, so they can easily activate their Rover Tracker and subscribe for their own Monitoring Service when they are ready. 
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Rover Tracker is Available for Use World Wide in all GSM Network Countries (except Japan & Korea). For all inquiries outside the USA & Canada, please contact us for an order form.

$239.00 +  Free Activation!
Service Plan Selection of $9.99 month or $24.99 a quarter.

Benefits of purchasing Rover Tracker wholesale for your business:

  1. Low minimum order quantity.
  2. Set your own margins for your value added customer service.
  3. Provide an innovative pet protection solution for your customers.

Looking for pricing for more than 3?

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