GTX Monitoring Portal




View Device Locations on a Map

Track By App or By Web

Account access included with every GTX Corp Monitoring Service Plan


User Friendly Portal

Fast & user friendly portal to view devices. See all devices at once, or zoom to just 1 device’s detailed history. Displays location updates and time stamp, route, speed and bering. See map across any span of time.

Access Online from Anywhere

Use a computer, tablet or smartphone to go online and view the location history on a map. Just login to the online portal, no additional software needed. Simply login to your account on the GTX Monitoring Portal and the map is right there!

SMS or e-mail alerts

Receive alerts direct to you by e-mail or SMS.
SOS & Location Update alerts sent from the devices to administrators

Customize Geozone Alerts

Create geozones, or circular perimeters, around the addresses of your choice. When the device enters or exits these specified areas, the portal sends alerts via email or text.


Generate various reports for mileage, drive time, speeds, location events & more. Summary reports for your whole team, Detail reports for individual device histories.